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I love helping families of all shapes and sizes find their balance again. It means the world to me when they give me feedback. Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials I’ve received, to help you decide if you want me to work with you too.

“Dear Keith,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say how I appreciate your help over the last month. When I first saw you, I like many was not actually aware of any issues, I had could be addressed by anyone other than myself. With the demands and stresses that life throws at us, it is so easy to push aside any issues with the excuse that one will deal with it later, this was certainly true in my case. On my first visit to you I really thought that I was very relaxed and coping with life and the problems that comes with it, this could not have been further from the truth, inside I was very angry, agitated, argumentative, depressed, also my wife and I on many occasions could not converse without me getting on my high horse.

Your treatment is not like a magic pill that you take and the condition disappears, what I learned was most helpful and when put into practice found that it really worked. I think I will always listen to the C.D. that you gave me as a reminder of how things should be. Gone are the arguments, the agitation, stress, but most importantly when problems arise or life is demanding I really am learning to cope with situations more and more as each day passes. In conclusion my relationship has improved so much so that my wife has said to me that she likes the new man in her life, life is good and getting better as each day passes, my sleep pattern has gone from a 2/10 to a 10/10 with no more nightmares. All in all life is now good. My advice to anyone that has issues is to seek help from outside one’s self, it doesn’t mean you are a lesser person by doing so, in fact it’s just the opposite.

I hope that you will be able to show this letter to anyone that has doubts and it helps them on their way to a better life that will be my reward for writing this. Once again my many thanks for your guidance and help, I wish you all the best for the future.”

Geoff from Standground

How will your family feel once we've worked together?

“I definitely recommend Keith Truman to help with managing your stress and anxiety! My stress bucket is never full now, I feel I can achieve so much more from just a few simple techniques! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thank you so much Keith”

Joanne from Whittlesey

“I am a 47-year-old male and I’ve recently had my right leg amputated below the knee. Before seeing Keith, I was having trouble sleeping, didn’t go out, depressed and put on a front to people. After seeing Keith for 7 sessions, I now sleep between 8 -10 hours a night, go out for walks which is improving my fitness. I am no longer depressed. I now feel like my old self again. My next goal is to find myself a part time job that can accommodate my disability. Thank you, Keith.”

Ian from Werrington

“I have suffered with a fear of heights since I travelled back from South Africa by air in 1990. It has had a significantly impact on my day to day life because I have had to either suffer embarrassment in declining to go places where this fear would surface. Or you I would have to find an alternative to everyone else. I couldn’t walk down the walkway to Cromer Pier or anywhere near the edge. I struggled to drive on the split level M5 motorway south of Bristol. I was also affected watching a film or TV programme either. When Keith offered his hypnotherapy sessions to tackle this fear, I volunteered, so pleased I did, it took 4 sessions and I can now watch TV without the discomfort I experienced before. Thank you Keith​”

Caroline from Wittering

“Keith is a first class hypnotherapist…I had a fear of heights which he has taken away after years of suffering. Highly recommended! Plus he has helped relieve anxiety and basically changed my life.”

Carrie from Wittering

“I have a long history of depression and anxiety. Keith knew how much i was struggling so approached me and said he may be able to help.  In 7 sessions my out look on life has totally changed, even with whats been going on in my life the last few months I’v kept positive and always been able to see my way through. I would have lost my grip if it wasn’t for Keith and Tru Life Choice hypnotherapy.”

Alastair from Wisbech

“I have had a very silly but very real phobia of buttons since childhood. I met Keith and no longer do. Thanks so much.”

Alison from Cambridge

“Thank you for the session today! I genuinely am finding the work you have done with me has improved my outlook on life. So much so that I am considering signing up to do the Hypnotherapy course this year.
I feel I must really be doing something right! 😀”

Caroline from Wittering

“Keith Truman has completely changed my outlook on life. I was a poor sleeper, worrying about work, family etc. I now sleep like a baby and feel confident to deal with difficult situations in a calm manner.  I feel so much happier with myself and those closest to me have noticed. I would whole heartedly recommend Keith’s services.​”

Jennie from Yaxley

“I have had a longstanding phobia from childhood which has blighted my life to some degree. It has on many occasion prevented me from entering into enjoying holidays, travelling on public transport, going on school outings with the children, to name but a few. I have done these things but not without serious anxiety. I have not flown abroad now for around 20 years after a particularly bad phobic experience. If I’m honest, I have to admit that I was initially a bit sceptical about the course but felt that I really had nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

From the outset I felt completely at ease with Keith and had no worries about discussing the phobia with him and how it affected me. It took sometime however for me to learn to relax and with the help of the cd which I listened to at home, I began to sleep better. I believe this alone helped me begin to look at life in a more positive way along with Keith’s reassurance and encouragement I was soon actually looking forward to the session. I now use Keith’s relaxation technique if I do have trouble with sleep. I’m not 100% certain that my phobia has completely gone, only time and circumstances will tell, but I would highly recommend that you consider a course with Keith, you will feel completely at ease. By the way…….I’ve booked a holiday and am flying to Iceland shortly, and so far not a nervous twinge in sight. THANK YOU KEITH XX”

Jackie from Spalding

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