Do you answer with YES to any of these?

Written by Keith:


I went along to a business networking event this morning.

There were 21 business owners in the room.

At the event, you are given time to talk about your business; everyone in the room sat in their chair to speak about their business.

But I stood up and introduced myself and this is what I said;

“Good Morning Everyone, I’m Keith Truman.

Using this time as a business development concept. Yesterday I set out a plan of what I wanted to achieve today at this meeting. I will advise of what my plan is at the end.

I am looking for help from you lovely people.

So those of you who are willing to help would you Please stand up. (Everyone in the room stood up)

Let me ask you 7 questions. The answer is either yes, often, sometimes, maybe, or no but if your answer is anything other than no Please sit down.

I would like to read out all 7 questions before you make your decision.

Do you:

  1. procrastinate
  2. avoid making phone calls
  3. have lots of jobs going on at the same time
  4. have panic attacks
  5. feel like you don’t know which way to turn
  6. lose your temper or go quite
  7. get frustrated

Everyone sat down and I thanked them for their help.

So if you have been affected by this help you have given me today, help, Support and Advice are available. Call, text or message me.

My plan was to get one person to sit down.

(In fact, everyone in the room sat down)

Thanks again for your support.

I’m Keith Truman of Tru Life Choice Hypnotherapy”

This exercise showed me that everyone in the room suffers from some sort of anxiety or stress in their life.

Would you say Yes to any of these questions? Contact me now to get started on saying yes to less of them.

0771 511 3746

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